Rohit Suchanti gives 5 reasons why one must date an elder woman

Mumbai: Television’s latest heartthrob Rohit Suchanti has been winning hearts with his portrayal of Ratan Singh in Sony TV’s Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya. The series has given him a new standard of fame. In the daily, the hot hunk is married to a lady much elder to him which became a topic of discussion everywhere.

Ratan and Diya’s romance in the Shashi-Summet’s Production, is one unusual story not much experimented on TV. Amusingly, the crackling chemistry of Rohit and Tejaswi is liked by the masses.

Keeping the concept and the basic plot of the show in mind we just thought why should a guy younger to a woman marry her? We got in touch with Rohit to know his idea of marrying an elder lady. The lad with a chiseled body spoke at length and gave us five reasons why a guy must date an elder woman.

• Maturity:

Women always get better with age, like fine wine. Older women are more matured in age and have a refined sense of style. They have calmness and can bear even the toughest of difficult situations.

• Knowledge:

Not that, girls of younger generation are not smart, but with age, knowledge becomes more refined. They are well-informed and aware in terms of their career and finances. The best of this is the guy does not end up paying the bill at every date.

• Protective:

Older women are usually more protective about their partners. They shower them with more affection and care. Honestly, sometimes, we do enjoy getting pampered.


They are very polished, dignified and trustworthy. Their actions are such that conforms to basic societal norms.


A matured woman will have an air of elegance around her which is magnetic. I feel a guy needs to be special for such distinguished lady to get along with him. Their elegance is prepossessing.

What do you think about Rohit Suchanti and Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya?

Well, this is what Rohit had to share. Do you agree with his ideas? What do you think? Give us five reasons why a guy should date a woman elder to him and share in the comment section.

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