Salim’s Anarkali, Heena Parmar will now be Pratap’s Phool Kanwar

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  1. I took dis name from pkyek page only 🙂

    &thats why i wrote abhay try to read her mind.. But

  2. Actor Gautam Rode, best known for his shows in serials like Saraswastichandra or as Rudra in Mahakum

  3. Another one..
    a guy boi named.. hmmm.. Surat or surya sumthing..
    seems he ran. 😮 😛

  4. I am gonna make it…..
    Hmm idk…
    BUT I HAV TO… 😉
    COzzzz 😛

  5. Rest tomorrow then…
    goodu nyt destiji 😛 👿

  6. & Century is near 🙂

  7. YahoOoO
    I M SOo soO happy
    centuryy is mine 🙂 🙂

  8. True love believed and trust

    Hero ? Lol more zero lukshey as I thought he might now put spying device to reveal evil wife Ragini

  9. Y do u do your conversation over here
    Soooo stupid

  10. Plz plz plz….now finish the game of aaliya and tanu…just expose them

  11. I thought they didn’t have any home phone, where did that come from so suddenly?????? crazy people w

  12. the writers are gone mad

    Psychological problems doesn’t start all of sudden as they are trying in “MATSH” what I cannot beli