Sanjana to put Sameer’s clothes on fire in Sasural Simar Ka!

We recently reported about Sanjana’s (Krissann Barretto) uncanny behaviour in Sasural Simar Ka (Rashmi Sharma Telefilms) on Colors.
While we have seen the woman locking herself up in the room for hours, acting outlandishly after eating a fruit among other things, the audience will witness yet another absurd act by Sanjana.
In the upcoming episodes, Sameer will witness that his clothes have been thrown on the floor and are on fire. Also, standing there with a lighter in her hand will be Sanjana, who will be seen shouting for help to put out the combustion. Watching this, Sameer will lash out at Sanjana and will hold her responsible for the happening. Sanjana will once again, as usual, try to justify that she is not responsible for this however, all the family members will gather by then and accuse her.

Parallel to this, Sameer will feel protective towards Sanjana and will be scared that she might end up hurting herself. Also, now that Anjali has won everyone’s confidence, has she really changed or is she putting up an act?

An actor on the condition of anonymity informs, “Sameer will feel bad to see Sanjana weeping and that she has no control over things happening with her. The family members think Anjali has changed for good but has she? If she has, who is the mystery man behind the happenings? The track will only get interesting in the episodes to come.”

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