Sanjay to learn about Gayatri’s truth in Star Plus’ Meri Durga

Truth can’t be hidden for a long period of time and it has to come out in the open.

Gear up to witness it in the upcoming episodes of Star Plus’ popular daily Meri Durga (Paperback Films) as it has a big revelation drama in store.

We hear that in the forthcoming episodes of the drama, Gayatri Devi’s (Dolly Sohi) life is going to take a different turn followed by a revelation.

Our source informs us that in the coming episodes of the show, Sanjay (Paras Kalnawat) will have a doubt on his mom when she will tell him that she was the one who had taken him to the hospital while he knows it quite well that it was Durga (Srishti Jain) who had taken him to the hospital.

Further, Sanjay will visit the academy where he will find all the evidences against his mom and learn all about her early days when she was an athlete.

Eventually, the son will confront his mother after getting all the evidences together.

Quite a dramatic twist! Isn’t it?

When we contacted Dolly Sohi, she said, “Gayatri is feeling bad and hurt to know that her son whom she loves the most, now hates her.”

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