Shama Sikander opens up on her struggle with depression and bipolar disorder

Shama Sikander, who is a well-known television actress, has always been vocal about her battle with depression and bipolar disorder.

The actress, in fact, had also tried to attempt suicide because of this very reason. However, Shama came out of this dark phase after a struggle of five long years.

Speaking about her recovery, Shama Sikander told that, “If I can heal after 5 years of struggle, you can absolutely heal. Anybody can heal. You have to take your demons. You can’t look outside. You have to give yourself time and energy. People must go and take medicines. Your brain chemicals fluctuate and can make you feel worthless. Circumstances make you feel like that. It is ok to give up but important to know when you bow down, you have that capacity to get up. You can heal. There is light after darkness.”

Talking about how it feels to suffer from depression, Shama added, “Depression is a state of feeling loveless. I hated myself and did not like my good self. I was tamed to be good and that compelled me to be good, whether it harmed or hurt me.”

As for bipolar disorder, Shama added how she felt several symptoms like sleepiness, laziness, pain within that made her cry and nightmares. She was soon diagnosed with bipolar disorder and deep depression.

Fortunately, Shama successfully came out of this!

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