Sonal Vengurlekar’s fans support her as she faces financial crunch after her make-up man’s post goes viral

Sonal Vengurlekar who was last seen in Yeh Teri Galliyan posted a message on her social media account conveying how a casual conversation with her make-up man turned to be an inspirational story.

The actress who has been facing a financial crisis because of shut down of shoots due to COVID-2019 was offered money by her make-up man. She was so touched by his gesture that she took to social media to say that goodness prevails and there are people who have kindness in them. The actress’ due from a certain production house amounts to around Rs 11.5 Lakh, for which she has been requesting to be paid for the past 9 months now.

The news got viral and this time, the fans turned out to be Sonal’s supporters and it’s not one or two, but they turned out in hundreds or even beyond, asking her account number to transfer money into her account. The actor when first saw the messages got chills and goosebumps.

“My social media messages are full of fans who are offering me financial aid. There are fans who are offering whatever they have ranged from hundreds to thousands to even a lakh and beyond. In fact, there are people who have messaged saying they don’t know me, but happened to read my story and are offering me financial help. I get goosebumps each time I happen to view a message from them. Off course I didn’t ask any to help me but this gesture has created so much of positivity in me which is remarkable. Also, I believe that there is so much of goodness in this world and there are people who still have a heart in them. Touched and blessed to have such fans who are no less than a family to me now and they have earned lifelong respect for them in my eyes”, she says

The actress was the first one to highlight her financial stress and now following her path, many actors have come out in open to express their situation.

“People who know me, know the fact that though I am an actor by profession, I do not shy away from saying what is right and what is wrong. Moreover, it was a casual conversation between my make up guy and me, and I didn’t expect such a turn out of events. I am glad that my story is out and people know the truth and it’s not every actor is very well to do and lives the most of the luxurious life. I am glad other actors from across shows are now opening now. There is no fight here, there is no bitterness, I am just asking for my acting fees, that’s it and I have been asking about it, much before the time the world knew about a word called ‘Corona’.

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