Spoilers: Roopvati to create a mess in Tenali Rama

SAB TV’s Tenali Rama has always made a point to intrigue its audience with different and eccentric plotlines. The Contiloe Productions program has come up with another interesting storyline.
In the coming episodes, Tenali Rama will see the entry of Roopvati. If you are wondering, who this new lady in the show is, hold on to your horses. Roopvati is a chicken named by Vasudev (Krishnadevraya’s brother in law). The chicken as Vasudev claims, lays golden eggs. The chicken consequently turns out to be the new eye candy in the kingdom.
Tathacharya played by Pankaj Berry, who has always been the reason behind Tenali’s troubles will make sure to use this opportunity. He will add more troubles in Tenali’s life using Roopvati.
A little birdie explains, “Tathacharya will ask his disciples, Dhani Mani to kidnap the golden chicken and then blame Tenali for it. On the other hand Dhani and Mani who are really stupid, they fail to kidnap the chicken.”
The chicken however goes missing! As a result, the word spreads like fire in the whole kingdom. After misunderstandings and chaos it is found that the chicken was hidden at Rama’s place.
Sounds like a twist? How will they conspire against Rama and how will Rama use his intellect this time will be worth a watch in the coming episodes.

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