SSR’s ex-manager Disha Salian’s death probe: Check out the questions sent by Netizens to the CBI regarding the Disha case

The SSR and Disha cases, which seem to be related, are presently among the most sensational and talked about ones in the nation. The CBI is still investigating the SSR case, while the Disha Salian case remains closed.

Since SSR passed away on June 14th, 2020, just a week after his ex-manager Disha Salian passed away, Twitterati has been saying that there is a connection between the two and this just cannot be a coincidence.

It all got confirmed when SSR’s close family friend Smita Parekh had said that SSR was disturbed with Disha’s demise, and he feared for his life posts her death.

They have been petitions submitted in the court to reopen the Disha Salian case, but the court has always rejected them.

Since day one netizens have been drawing a comparison between the two cases and are saying that it is interconnected.

If people are fighting for SSR they are also raising their voice for Disha Salian and is demanding for justice.

Now Netizens have made videos and are asking for these questions regarding the Disha Salian case to the CBI :

SSRians are asking who were the friends who were with Disha on the day of the party and why aren’t they coming out and speaking as something is defiantly fishy and they hope that the CBI doesn’t disappoint them as they have a lot of faith in them.

Now a Netizen all the way from the USA is asking the CBI that did someone check on the last dialled call of Disha she had spoken to her friend in the UK and why there hasn’t been any investigation done there.

On the other hand, another Netizen questions about how the pages of the entry diary were missing from Disha‘s building post her demise. The entry of the visitors that day to her building those pages were torn, they are asking is the recovery done and have they investigated to who came in her building that day.

Well, these are only a few questions from the Netizens regarding the Disha Salian case and everyone is clueless if the case is even investigated or no.

The investigation is still on, and we hope that the CBI comes out with a concrete lead and gives a closure in the SSR case. We hope the Disha case gets reopened and that justice is served to her too.

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