There is CUT THROAT COMPETITION in the entertainment industry: Vignaharta Ganesh actress Neha Tiwari

Vighnaharta Ganesh actress Neha Tiwari reveals about how she faced rejections in the beginning of her career in the entertainment industry. She said her parents became support for making her showbiz dream come true.

She said, “I started my career from Nagpur which is my birthplace. When I came to Mumbai for the first time everything in the industry was new for me. Surviving here on your own and without any support is a skill you must have before landing to dream land. I came here alone and for me the only blessing was my family’s support. They are the biggest reason of my success. Auditions also didn’t bring any happiness as I faced rejections in the begining. In the entertainment industry, opportunities are very rare. Every time you have to justify yourselves. There is ‘cut throat competition’ and no one care about your emotions or your condition.”

Talking ahead about her recent role in Sony TV mythological show Vighnaharta Ganesh. she says, “I am playing the role of Padamkomal (Vishwakarma’s daughter) I am glad to be part of this show. Viewers enjoy watching my character as they keep greeting me on my social media. The role is very challenging character for me. I’m lucky that could bring my dream true and act on screen.”

As we all are going through a rough phase because of covid. The actress taking a risk started her shoots. She says, “The situation is worst now a days but still we are working. Even in these tough times, Production house is actually doing good and taking care of all major precautions related to COVID 19. Whenever we go to the set, our oxygen level and body temperature is measured by the production team. All the crew members including make-up artists are using protective gears. We also use sanitizers on regular intervals. Before covid things was like spot dada does all our work but now a days we are doing everything like taking tea and water by ourselves. Production provides personal senitized chair to everyone with their name.”

“During the shoot social distancing is followed and we remove our masks only on camera but off camera, mask has became part of our costume,” she said.

Neha is known for featuring in television shows like Sethji, Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki and Paramavatar Shri Krishna.

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