This is why Meera Deosthale used to get grumpy on the sets!

Meera Deosthale has always sported a simple look on TV. The actress says, “My characters have always had a simple dressing sense. Both shows were UP based and characters were from the village. There were times that I would get grumpy about why I have to dress up like this. I love dressing up and making nice hairstyles. I am waiting to be offered a character that is stylish, uber and fashionable. But even if I don’t get it, I am happy doing the characters that I get. If my character requires me to look simple, I will do it happily.”

Meera says that she has heard that actors get typecast in roles but has not experienced it. “I have heard this word for a very long time. I was asked to play a mother in Udaan, I was 23 years. I was skeptical as I didn’t want to be typecast. I wasn’t and, in fact, the network I was part of offered me another show right after Udaan. I have not experienced being typecast till now. Now, you get chanced to do something better with every project,” she concludes.

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