TV actors thrilled with ‘Happiness period’ in schools

MUMBAI: In an effort to bring a reform in the educational sector, the Delhi government has launched a happiness curriculum in state-run schools. The curriculum involves a happiness period of 45 minutes and 5 minutes of meditation before each class. TV actors encourage this move!

Akashdeep: I think it’s a very good idea. I am a firm believer and preacher of the line- Life is beautiful. And I think these efforts eventually make kids happy and life seems worth living. It’s a way to de-stress in today’s gadget and gizmo world with its fast pace and so many distractions. Indeed, I laid this effort and corporates should also do this. It’s medicinal and I fully support it. We had a subject called Moral Science when we were in school as well. We were taught ethics, morals and values, love and respect, cleanliness etc. I don’t see this in the curriculum these days. These moral classes made us aware of who we are, our responsibilities, our ability to share love and happiness and I miss those classes.

Shridhar Watsar: This is really a commendable effort by Delhi government. I am really thankful to them. This will grow a student’s mental health. In my school days, we used to recite a holy song at the beginning of the first period in the morning. That used to give me mental peace and strength.

Vikas Grover: For me, my school days were all about my relationships. I felt happy because I was surrounded by a great group of friends and teachers. Friends are what made me very happy, energetic and I really enjoyed school. They are my memories of school which are not just associated with classrooms and the curriculum. I am so glad this kind of education is also being included. It will really teach the kids a lot.

Ayyaz Ahmed: I’ve always advocated for and have been vocal about introducing meditation in school and make it compulsory. I’m glad it happened and I am so happy for our future generations. We have learned the hard way to protect our energy and take care of our mental health and stress management. No matter what we do in life, where ever we are, it is important for us to be happy. And happiness is a state that we choose for ourselves. I’m glad that now our generation will learn the importance and ways to be happy in life.

Snigdha Akolkar: I Feel it is high time to do it. In the time of smartphones, social networks everybody puts a happy face on. Where things and information are available on the tip of your figure, new generation kids vastly misunderstand the Idea of life in general and even misunderstand the meaning of happiness. Owning things and flaunting them on social networks and having the most number of followers has become a definition of a good life. Where nobody talks about the problems. Real happiness is enjoying small things in life. The bliss of meditation without the need of flaunting it on a network. In school, I don’t recall any period for meditation and class for happiness and life. But at that time, we had grandparents 24/7 to guide and motivate us. Today such class is a necessity to understand good sportsmanship, compassion, happiness and the meaning of quality life. I’m very impressed with the Delhi governments initiative and I fully support it.

Adhvik Mahajan: Wow! that’s something new in the Indian education system. It will help students chill, relax and enjoy. It will give a break to all those heavy duty subject lectures and, of course, in turn boost their mental strength. Honestly, I strongly believe that the ultimate goal of anyone doing anything in life is to attain happiness. So, happiness is one subject which should have been an utmost priority in any education system which unfortunately isn’t true. Anyway, it’s better late than never. I so wish it was there when we were in schools.

Neha Kaul: Happiness curriculum is a great reform by the state and I would like to see private schools also taking up after it. It would really help the kids ease out the stress that education brings with it nowadays. But happiness should not be just restricted to one period. I believe it should be a part of all the periods. The knowledge given should be so much fun to learn that it doesn’t put the kids in stress. Also, in my school sometimes when we had free periods and our teachers, who were running behind the course schedule, would take up the free period to complete the course. I hope that doesn’t happen to the happiness period.

Ssharad Malhotra: It is surely a good move. Happiness is a way of life and sharing feelings and emotions and thoughts on life should surely be encouraged. In our school times, we didn’t have such opportunity or option. The current generations surely needs mental and emotional stability as the world is very competitive and everything is treated as a race. Kids need to be told that it’s okay to fail, the world doesn’t end and one can try again. Self-motivation will surely be encouraged if a subject like happiness is incorporated.

Mohammad Nazim: It’s a very good initiative, though it should have been implemented long back but better late than never. Today’s generation is in a race of achieving things that leads to depression and stress issues at a very young age. They need to be taught to calm their selves and that there are second chances in life. School life should be all about laughter and making memories.

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