TV celebs’ reveal Eid Al-Adha plans

Eid-al-Adha is called the feast of sacrifice. It is celebrated worldwide each year and it is also considered to be the holier of the two. the festival has its own importance for our favourite TV stars. They spoke to and revealed their Eid plans and also shared their childhood memories pertaining to the festivity.
Falaq Naaz:
I am going to celebrate this Eid at my Nani’s place as after she died we have not been to her place. So this time my granddad has invited us all there.
Well, there are a lot of Eid memories, but the best one is getting Eidi from everyone. Now we are adults and we have to give Eidi to everyone. When we were young there was no tension of giving Eidi.
Juhi Aslam:
Yes, Eid is coming and this is the second Eid I am not with my family. So I will miss “Bakre Ki Kaleji” made by my mom.
In my childhood, I used to be so happy and excited about bringing the Bakra home. We used to give it food and take care of it very sweetly and on Eid we used to cry when our Bakra (goat) is gone. But now we enjoy eating the meat and all the food.
Iqbal Khan:
Eid is going to be the same this year as well. Inshallah, with loads of happiness and a feeling of being a better human being now, we will keep walking on Allah’s path, so that on the day of judgment, he greets us with a positive Salaam.
Childhood memories include we all stacking our Eid Money (which was not much) and going with our friends for a ‘Shikaara Ride’ at Dal Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir wearing new Pathaanis and coming back home with a fulfillment of eating an ice cream cone.
Vaquar Shaikh:
This year I am travelling to my home town after a gap of eight years to celebrate Eid. My brother and his family have also flown down from abroad. My third brother is already there, so with our parents we all will be together after a long time. I am looking forward to over indulge in some high calorie foods. As a kid, it would be the same except the fact that Eidi was a big attraction then. Now nobody gives, but I have to shell out Eidi to kids. So it is going to be one huge party this year with the entire family.

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