Vikas Verma to intensify drama as a magician in Tenali Rama

It has been already reported that film actor Vikas Verma will soon be entering SAB TV’s Tenali Rama. And recently, viewers saw Manav Gohil’s doppelganger entering this historical-comedy. Now, a magician will soon enter the show to intensify drama.
According to the plot, in the upcoming track, Vikas Verma’s character who is a magician will enter the kingdom. Soon after entering the kingdom, he will start showing off his magical skills. To flaunt his magical skills, he will make Dhani (Sohit Soni), Tathacharya’s sycophant, a monkey.

Soon Tathacharya (Pankaj Berry) would realize how useful this magician could be to him. Therefore, he will invite the magician to his place for a lavish dinner.

Meanwhile, Dhani, who has been turned into a monkey, will do a thing to take his revenge on the magician. He will mix a stomach upsetting medicine in the magician’s food and as a result, the latter will suffer from dysentery.

The whole sequence is going to be a hilarious affair. While Tathacharya’s intention would be to use the magician and throw Rama (Krishna Bhardwaj) in danger, the magician would use the former to steal Emperor Krishnadevraya (Manav Gohil)’s crown.

It would be an interesting watch for the viewers for sure.

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