When Akanksha Puri pulled rival Malkhan Singh’s hair in Vighnaharta Ganesha

Mumbai: tellynews once reported about co-stars Akanksha Puri and Malkhan Singh’s rivalry on the sets of Vighnaharta Ganesha. The duo, essaying the characters of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva in the series, doesn’t get along off the cameras. Their cold war has been the topic of discussion on the sets.

Well, whether their relation has mended or not, is something still skeptical; however, their work and chemistry on screen has only improved with time. According to our information, in the upcoming track, the makers will showcase the big fight between Jalandhar (played by Malkhan Singh) and Kali (essayed by Akanksha Puri). The track is currently been shot and it is indeed a track to remember.

According to an eye-witness from the set, the unit was scared of the fact that since Malkhan and Akanksha don’t get along together, to have a massive fighting sequence could become a task. However, the co-actors cooperated and shot the sequence.

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In fact, during one of the shots, Akanksha had to pull Malkhan’s hairs. Puri was so much indulged in her character that she pulled Malkhan’s hairs so fiercely that his wig came off.

“He also got a sprain on his neck,” a source reveals.

Nevertheless, all of this was taken in good spirit. “Keeping in mind their real life chemistry, we thought this could create certain issues, however none of them cribbed,” added the source.

The heavy duty action track has been shot on a grand scale with harness and green screens.

When we contacted Akanksha to know more about the whole episode, the lady shared, “It is a really interesting track. In fact, the fight sequences are so rigorous that my leg also got injured. I didn’t realise it at that moment since I was in the character. Later I realised that they were swelling.”

“I really need to give credits to Malkhan, since without him the whole sequence wouldn’t have turned out so well. He is genuinely putting so much of efforts. Especially, the whole Jalandhar track became what it is because of him,” she further added.

We couldn’t connect to Malkhan over a call due to network issues.

Isn’t it exciting? Well, let’s see how the episode turns out.

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