Will Bela and Mahir be able to expose Huzoor Ruhi in Naagin 3?

The popular television series Naagin 3 never fails to entertain audience with interesting twists and turns. The makers of the show have weaved an intriguing plot to keep the viewers hooked to the screens.

The latest promo of the upcoming episode has been shared online with the caption: “Kiya Bela Aur Mahir Apni Nayi Chaal Se Mitaa Payenge Nikli Ruhi Ko?? . Ya Mahir Banjayega Huzoor Ka Patti!”

In the episode ahead, Bela gets Mahir and his lookalike Krish. Ruhi, who is the Huzoor, gets stunned seeing two Mahirs. She asks Sumitra where they came from. Bela gets ready to marry Krish, who is the real Mahir. But Ruhi stops them from doing so. She asks how she will find out who is the real Mahir. Bela counter questions Ruhi if she cannot identify her real love Mahir. Bela and Krish go ahead with their wedding, while Huzoor sits with the other Mahir.

The upcoming episodes will keep the audience hooked to the TV screens. To know what new drama is awaiting Bela and Mahir’s life, keep your eyes on the tale.

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