You will be SURPRISED to know who is the CLOSEST PERSON to Shrashti Maheshwari aka Anita on the sets of Pandya Store!

Pandya Store actress Shrashti Maheshwari is multi faceted and she is a visual delight to watch in the show.

The Star Plus show is high on drama however, off the screens, the cast bonds very well with each other. We got chatty with Shrashti to know more and in an exclusive conversation, we questioned her as to who is the closest person to her on the sets of the show.

She shared, “Well, the people who are not available on the set are closer. Krunal Pandit is one of them. He is very close to me and I feel much protected. He is like an elder brother to me, with who I can share my problems and he gives me good suggestions as well. Secondly, Shyaam Makhecha and Mohit Sharma are close to me. We are like best friends!”

Well said Shrashti!

Recently too, in an interview, Shrashti has shared her experience shooting for the show. She has said that her experience is very good. She said that Anita does care for her sister but she wants Gautam back and her determination is something that I love about her. She also said that Anita is the balancing factors as she sways between being negative and positive.

Keep reading this space for more information.

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