Arshi Khan: Female actors have equal pay on small screen

“Big Boss” sensation Arshi Khan opened up about equal pay on the small screen, saying it proves the medium is ruled by females.

“I feel the small screen is ruled by females. Female actors’ pay cheques are equal to the male actors’ on the small screen. We shouldn’t discriminate and pay should be depending upon working hours,” Arshi Khan said.

She has had quite a roller coaster journey from being a physiotherapist to an actress. “I got to learn a lot from that profession, too,” she recalled.

Arshi spoke about senior actors not being given their due on the small screen. “I believe senior artistes who have been working for a long time in the industry are not paid enough according to their experience. When an actor ages and does a side role, he or she must be paid at least a notable amount. It hurts when we read about people we have seen in so many projects facing financial crisis in their aging time,” the actress said.

She returns to the screen with her swayamvar show “Ayenge Tere Sajna”.

“I’m really excited for ‘Ayenge Tere Sajna’. Earlier I wasn’t sure about doing it but gradually I’m feeling excited about the show. I just hope makers bring a man who is worthy to be a life partner. I’m just busy trying to pen all the qualities I need in my to-be husband,” said Arshi.

“He should be a gentleman who can handle my mood swings, guide me, pamper me and care for me like a baby. He should love my family more than me. His behaviour and nature must be somewhat like Salman Khan’s,” said Arshi.

She said she would like Salman to help her find a suitable groom. “I wish Salman sahab to help me find a groom as he is never wrong. He has always guided me. Whatever I am today is because of Salman Khan. I got ‘Ayenge Tere Sajna’ show because of Salman Khan,” she signed off.

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