Eisha Singh on the competition with her contemporaries: We all are different, no point in comparing myself with others

There’s a lot of competition going on in every field. Everyone is trying their best to achieve and get lots of success by competing with one another.

Well, while we see a healthy competition between people who belong to the same field, sometimes, they tend to get competitive to achieve success.

The same happens in every field and even in the showbiz world where actors try to compete with their contemporaries.

However, not all celebrities believe in doing this.

One such actress is Eisha Singh who has a completely different view on this.

In an exclusive interview, Eisha Singh was asked about her views about competing with other actresses of her age and much more.

Eisha Singh said, ”I have always seen people getting influenced by the work of other people. We all have different journeys and I strongly believe in that. I want to excel at my own pace. God has created us differently and also given us many talents and capabilities. There’s no point in comparing my journey with someone else as God has not created me in that way.”

The actress further added, ”I just want to compete with myself. If I keep observing other’s journey, I won’t be able to do anything and also slip into depression looking at myself.”

Well, Eisha has got a point!

Eisha Singh rose to fame with her debut show Ishq Ka Rang Safed where she played the role of Dhani. The actress was paired opposite Mishal Raheja and their onscreen Jodi became a huge hit among the fans.

The pretty diva went on to bag some amazing shows like Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani and Ishq Subhan Allah which further made her career reach new heights.

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