Every man will relate to the storyline of Sumit Sambhal Lega – Producer Deeya Singh

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  1. OMG this show still on TV! It should have ended when Rashi died. Rucha was the only one with sense t

  2. Exactly what I’m thinking which is why I don’t understand all this news and people getting worried o

  3. Matlab… I myself is in a bigggggggggggg crossroad… 😉 😛
    So.. thn my advices won’t b wise 😉

  4. *FACED

  5. Eid was fantastic

  6. GoOD night FrndzZ
    misS U allll veryy veryyy much yr
    i hope we,ll talk soON
    insha Allah
    tc 🙂

  7. Meher plz undersand abeer’s true feelings.. 🙁

  8. Y do u do your conversation over here
    Soooo stupid

  9. Why are they making Laxmi fall for Karan? She claimed how much she loved Samar & now all of a su

  10. If i am up for it i will come back again to increase more

  11. So guys I wanted your opinion on something. Basically you know that I read a lot? For the past few w