Madhubani and Yash’s love for dogs

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  1. sandya,hiding in the mud pond…deepika singh, true professional…not many actresses will do this s

  2. #LifeDecisions at this age is not my thing. 😥

  3. All along..I believed..I wud Find u…. 😀

  4. Mein…mera dil..aur tum ho yahan.. 😀 😆 ♡☆


  6. I made someone proud at last. :’D *clap* *clap*
    It was abut the car colour. :’D

  7. I,ll talk tomorow dear. Now i have to go ;

  8. Yeah ri8 may be they r busy in studies…

  9. Apaàa don’t leave me alone we pleasssssssasa

  10. Lol today i told this guy if he doesn’t shut the hell up i’ll kick hiss ass

  11. Bubbly u want ur apa to succed in fullfilling me dream ryt….so thats why now i have to concentrate

  12. I understand everyone has a right to his or her opinion. But for those who dislike it so much, who

  13. yes my fav is tashan e ishq…
    What r u doling now??