Meera’s evil plan against Vidya and Shravan in Saath Nibhana Saathiya!

Will Naiya succeed in executing her evil intentions?

Saath Nibhana Sathiya will soon unfold a high voltage drama in the upcoming episodes.

Currently, we have seen Naiya (Pratibha Tiwari) instigating Meera (Tanya Sharma) against Vidya (Sonam Lamba) to win over Priyal’s custody by making Shravan (Kunal Singh) and Vidya sign the custody papers.

In the episodes ahead, Naiya will bring home Prakash (Harsh Rajput) and plot something vicious to set up Meera against the family. The duo will be successful in provoking Meera and the lady will be seen going against Vidya and Shravan, thereby taking Naiya’s plan close to success.

But will Naiya succeed in executing her evil intentions? Let’s wait and watch!

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