Shaleen Malhotra and Deblina Chatterjee in Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya

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  1. I have just 10min. Then i have to go for some work

  2. Watching movie with the sibs, when i should try to do work

  3. damn network problem!
    hw ws eid taboos???
    Ohhh 2 minutes!
    wen wil u come again?

  4. Meher plz undersand abeer’s true feelings.. 🙁

  5. i want maddy and koyal together. They both look wow together.

  6. Feeling pitiful for KUNJ♡

  7. Itna shaq on madhu.. Uff
    & there shouldn’t be no any husband like this..
    Sheh ho meri or maat

  8. Because we want to.

  9. Yea me too he is cute she is pretty they both look adorable

  10. Hiiii, how are yoiu, hardly anyone comes here anymore, Amaica looks like she left 🙁