Television has more impact on viewers than films: Eisha Singh

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  1. plzzz end this serial……… its really disgusting ……..

  2. Aww… U goin memsahib … 😐

  3. Suddnlyyyy ….
    I think there was a gal named nova… nivya or sumthing.. 😛
    or suj a gal exists

  4. omg ragini wat happen y that guilty face tell us haha .swara has bet u deserve that u idiot kutti k

  5. Dont think you’ll be seeing ‘Awarah’ any time soon lol pregnancy has hit her like a bomb! A nice one

  6. Your turn Preet 😉

  7. Itna shaq on madhu.. Uff
    & there shouldn’t be no any husband like this..
    Sheh ho meri or maat

  8. i like koya and raj jodi

  9. Yeah it has happened before to me too.